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  1. stars cast
  2. oop
  3. Who else hates Debbie already?
  4. Survivor
  5. 15 person stars
  6. tengaged rainbow! for pov in my group :)
  7. wait hold up i just watched Cagayan cast review
  8. does survivor start this wednesday?
  9. what should i drink tonight
  10. nommed for 13th stars 374
  11. If it ties again
  12. Survivor starts at 8est tonight
  13. how many idols are in play this season?
  14. Really the played the song
  15. Abi's
  16. Damn I feel bad for Joe
  17. anyone gonna post nial hair for cheap?
  18. survivor
  19. what the fuck is your problem
  20. what if the finals is a 3 way tie :O
  21. does anyone know
  22. lets guess my % in stars!!!
  23. omg
  24. nommed for 7th in stars
  25. being spammed out of stars sucks
  26. stars vlog nommed for 14th
  27. Who voted savage?
  28. remember daylights saving is tomorow
  29. where or where is stars
  30. no stars tonight?
  31. YES
  32. so do we not have moderation?
  33. survivor the person who quit
  34. please vote for neathery or myself!
  35. Ranomize
  36. how are mods chosen in the first place?
  37. idols hidden at the comps
  38. what should i have for luch?
  39. Tasha vote
  40. survivor 3 tribes

how are mods chosen in the first place?

Oct 21, 2015 by superman11
what if tengaged got to pick new moderators? that way people wont really be able to complain because then that way they get to chose whose in power. and like maybe there can be an election or soemthing every year, so mods keep changing and we get fresh new people possible in power, or they can stay the same if we like them.



also for the election maybe have a certain requirement in order to be able to even run for a position. like maybe some requirements could be:

1. been on here for at least a year
2. know the rules
3. be at least like purple level? (idk)


election = popularity contest = not what you want in a mod
Sent by DanielleDonato,Oct 21, 2015
danielledonato thats why there should be like a practice run or soemthing for the people that want to be a mod so people can see if they are qualified or not
Sent by superman11,Oct 21, 2015
Nah it wouldn't work. Tons of people wanted me to be a mod and we see how that worked out lol
Sent by JustMe,Oct 21, 2015

- They also should have an account background check and make sure they were never banned for anything
Sent by Espontaneo,Oct 21, 2015
I'm in awe of your optimism, but it wouldnt be realistic. At all. superman11
Sent by DanielleDonato,Oct 21, 2015
Make Me A Mod JustMe
Sent by Token,Oct 21, 2015

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