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2ndSep 7, 2020 by splozojames50
imageweek 3: nominates 2 most popular hg's among internet twitter/livefeed crowd
week 4: supposed final 2 asks to go on the block

week 5:
-has a breakdown about how he was hated by said internet twitter/livefeed crowd and doesnt want that to happen again
-specifically doesnt want to be villainized for setting up baleigh again
-makes elaborate ruse to quit the game via asking to be nominated and voted off, gets the hopes up of dayvonne/baleigh with a blm narrative even being thrown in there
-final 2 and grodner (whats the difference i know) dont want him to and he is talked out of it
-makes no effort to get another person on block to supposed final 2 and uses the excuse that "asking to go on the block" is against the rules

like the absolute disconnect of a coherent train of thought, justifications of actions, discrepancies between his alleged thoughts and his actual actions

like i would bring up keisha, meta, lawon all being allowed to quit/go up on the block (a coincidental pattern?) (yes i know theres also oddrey and megan but those 2 like quit quit, im talking about this faux nominate me point of contention) but his literal "alleged" final 2 asked to go up not ONE round prior.

like i am in actual awe at how nonsensical this is and NOT in a fun way. how people cuntinue to produce a program that SUCKS the fun out of every possible opportunity in the most disgusting way possible is beyond me


False hope > False hope gets crushed in worst case scenario possible > Someone says one good thing and we get a glimmer of false hope again

rinse and repeat until the end of the season
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christmas literally asked Enzo to be nominated last week....... how this against the rules tyler make it make sense
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