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Are there any irl moments/things you do

Feb 9, 2020 by splozojames50
imagethat make you vividly think of a reality tv moment whenever it happens?

For me at my work I have to unchain some chairs whenever i open the lunch shift. so to put away the chain i kinda wrap it around my arm like its a rope before it put it away so its not a big knot. EVERY time i do this ALL i can think about is the "clean up the stage set" challenge from rock of love 2 where Mindy (?) is shown very CPP-ly wrangling the mic chord as if its a rope around her arm. literally every time i do this i imagine myself as mindy imagining herself wrangling ropes while really wrangling a mic chord while i am wranging a lock chain.


oh whenever i cook a meal i always pretend im on CHOPPED and pretending my basket ingredients of like meatballs and peas are some huge risk and that i could go home if it doesnt work
Sent by Christian_,Feb 9, 2020
okay re-reading this i didnt rly answer the PROMPT but ill try thinking of another one...
Sent by Christian_,Feb 9, 2020
whenever i am lifting and moving stuff in my backyard to another spot like moving a bunch of planks or metal, i remember this one challenge they did in biggest loser australia for a purge where they had to move all their assigned objects from one spot on the field to the other
Sent by Lalisa,Feb 9, 2020
oh OKAY i got a better one, when i first started out at my student teaching i planned out my route through google maps and had to catch a bus, so im sitting on the bus with my bag feeling like im on TAR! and then i see the bus roll right by the school and am like ?_? why didnt it stop and feel like im one of the culturally ignorant when they visit another country!

so i realize i was supposed to ring some BELL to get the bus to stop, and by the time i do im like TWO MILES away from the school and im supposed to be there in like 20 minutes, so im like omg @_@ i need to BOOK it or ill be the last one to arrive to the pit stop and then i RAN as fast i could in my nice dress shoes and bag but i made it with like a minute to spare and rly felt like those poor asian girls who were like right at the pit stop but didnt see phil and just ran out was an EXPERIENCE
Sent by Christian_,Feb 9, 2020
honetly that didnt answer the prompt either looking at it maybe ill try a 3.0
Sent by Christian_,Feb 9, 2020
christian_ omg whenever im at the airport i feel like im on tar
Sent by splozojames50,Feb 9, 2020
Your first blog in 2 months what inspired you to return?
Sent by Timster,Feb 9, 2020

Ok but honestly whenever i'm at work and someone is talking shit about someone else and whispering I feel like we are trying to conspire on who to vote out. This one woman was freaked out one day and was like "Tim come here I have to ask you something." She pulled me to the side and whispered as he eyes dotted back and forth at my eyes and she rants about something work related and the entire time I Felt like we were plotting on vivor it was hilarious.
Sent by Timster,Feb 9, 2020

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