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Caught up on survivor

Apr 1, 2018 by splozojames50
imagemy main criticism of last season was that the season was kinda lifeless and almost just running through the motions. This season i feel like that same thing applies in a slightly different way.

(apart from the same #bigmoves #blindsides #resume #theGAME feel of modern survivor that i dont love) They are trying to have personal moments but its just really cliche extended confessional moments of stephanie going ~im doing this for my kids~ or michael going ~I love this game~. Like for lack of better words I feel like with the personal segments they are TELLING us instead of SHOWING us in a way that results in really weak storytelling.

Also randomly/specifically I caught a reality tv trope that always bugs me whenever I notice it. its usually in cooking/talent shows where contestants will say "i dont want my dish to be xxx" and then the judges will say the EXACT SAME wording and then ill think "okay wow so they just regurgitated the same exact wording from the judges instead of making their own confessional"

that pretty much was the case with laurel with her whole "being what they need me to be" confessional and then they showed her talking to jenna talking about the same thing. Yes it could have originated from laurel but that just bothered  me randomly.


Survivor is going downhill for me
It’s not interesting or captivating anymore
Sent by Jinxh,Apr 1, 2018
I LOVE THAT PIC OF BETH splozojames50 and I feel you but I would rather phony confessionals than boring gamebot NONSENSE from the likes of Cambodia, 33, Gay Changers, AND HHH like it sucks, but it's definitely refreshing.
Sent by HighNoon,Apr 1, 2018
highnoon idk for me it sucks but it sucks in a different way im not sure if i dislike it as strongly or not but i certainly am not enjoying it

also credit to ween for the beth screenshot LOL
Sent by splozojames50,Apr 1, 2018

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