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what should i name my neopet? Aug 13, 2012
it has to be something cute!

ps, porn69 is taken.  i checked.
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No title Aug 4, 2012
what if every spider i’ve ever crushed thought it was like, living in my house with me the whole time and one day i just flew off the handle and murdered it. like it just thought we were hanging out together.

has every spider died while feeling a sense of betrayal.
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watch it, its awesome Aug 2, 2012
and please plus/comment too
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I made a music video with my friend in Montana Aug 2, 2012
and here it is!  no hate please. 

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ok here's a link to a pic of my red hair Jul 31, 2012
it didnt want to post the pic in the blog so yeah
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omg guys i didn't tell you Jul 31, 2012
i dyed my irl hair red :)
here's a pic!
EDIT: oops it didnt work :/
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