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PS Feb 22, 2013
why are you guys not going crazy with posting pictures of the barbies from most popular girls in school? especially the one of deandra when she says "i want to poop there"? has that fad gone away from you guys or have you not seen it?  because it's still hilarious, let me tell you.
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ok leaving again Feb 22, 2013
see you in a couple months
if you wanna get in touch with me, i live on tumblr, so just message me there and it's a guarantee that i will see it.

ok byeeeeeeee
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ok tengaged, catch me up Feb 22, 2013
any big events since november?  what's going on?  who got banned? who became awesome?  etc etc
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hello out there Feb 22, 2013
just making sure i didn't turn into a skeleton :)
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wtf? the hunger games Dec 12, 2012
ya'll motherfuckers need jesus

ok bye
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hi Dec 12, 2012
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