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so this dickhead... Sep 7, 2010
named thematrixyo decided that he was gonna neg every single comment in my casting game.  he was active but didnt talk cuz he knew that we knew that it was him and if he commented we would neg it rite away.
so me and slim were just sittin there plussing eachothers comments so that we can stay at +0 and matrix was just sittin pretty!!  pisses me off.....
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ummm... new casting game? (plus and comment plz! i want you opinion on this one!) Aug 30, 2010
so i lost one of the 2 casting games that im in currently (or was in).  i get that, people have to lose for other people to win.  i came in 16th and thats my first casing game thats not still going on, so thats pretty good.  so after i found out i lost, i thought to myself, well now that im only playing one game, i can enroll in another!  but guess wat?  YOU CANT!!!  wat is this bs?  it says that you have to wait for ure other one to finish, but ive already finished in one of them so to speak.  should they just let u enroll in another one if youve already lost/died?  this does not make sense to me...  comment with your opinions!!!
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GRRRR....... Aug 30, 2010
imageSo this is my first blog post and I wanted to write about something awesome, but I just can't think of anything to write!  See?  I can't even think of anything to write after that first sentence except for this one! oh, this is not a good blog at all so far...  Not good at all...  But, I put an awesome picture in here to make it better!  It's the infamous 'plays with squirrels' from Boy Meets World.  TA-DAH!!
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