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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Total Newb Question

Jul 25, 2020 by realitynerd
Can someone give me a quick rundown on what the games are like now?  I have a feeling things have changed since I last played any of them.

I know fast casting is just quick days of noms and votes.
Regular casting still activity and key based?

Rookies and frookies, I have almost no recollection of.
Survivor I vaguely remember.
Hunger Games didn’t exist when I was here (RIP Duel).

And Stars...I miss Stars and loathe it at the same time.

Thank you in advance for any help :)


frookies is all just ppl who know each other and wrecks it for new/older players.
Sent by johnny5599,Jul 25, 2020
frookies is really fun! And a lot of the same people play so you're bound to run into people you already know but i'd argue against the idea that it's wrecked for anyone (usually). I've literally joined games without knowing anyone and have been fine other than one game - bc of "the gang"- but otherwise it's usually fine lol. Fast castings still take hours because only a couple people are ever active. Castings are still activity and key based but there's a little more emphasis on comps now and there aren't as many deaths anymore.
Sent by Heavenlee,Jul 25, 2020
the games are still the same since you left.

Fastings mostly people trying to get health for survivor or newbies.

Castings is still the same, except more multies

rookies and frookies at this point good luck if you aren't in a premade or if you aren't on someone's good side in that premade.

stars. sweetie... don't both with multies still controlling the votes. regardless of what people say

hunger is pointless other than to shoot someone out instantly.

if you want a good bb or survivor game just find an org.
Sent by TolisKalkas,Jul 25, 2020

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