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  38. Checking in Again
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I Haven't Played in a While Jun 17, 2015
Maybe a game or two for old time's sake?
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Checking in Again Mar 16, 2015
imageHope all is well with the people of Tengaged.  Surely I'm as forgotten as Silly Slammers by now.
Just a quick update while I'm here.

- My roommates and I have a cat (in the picture) named Darleen.
- I'm in my senior year of college.  I'll be graduating with a B.S. in Marketing with a concentration in Key Account Development in May.
- I'll be enrolled in my MBA program next fall with 1/3 of the hours completed thanks to the concurrent enrollment program my university offers.
- I'm finally not single.  The guy I fell for hardcore back in my freshman year started talking to me back in January after he had a dream about me.  We both had strong feelings for each other and have been dating since.
- Aaaaaaaand I don't know what else to update.  I'll happily answer anything if someone asks :)

Maybe after this quarter has its way with me (2 capstone courses will be the death of me), I'll come play a game or two to remind myself how bad I am at them :P

EDIT:  Yes, I'm on tumblr pretty much always.  So feel free to add me like LittleMix.  I'm yetanothertaylor so just shoot me a message :P
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Just Heard About Caleb Jun 25, 2014
Such a shame for someone to die so young :(
Rest in peace and thoughts going out to Colton.
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Hi Guys! Jun 13, 2014
imageJust thought I'd pop in before I get ready for work.  Working two jobs over the summer is a pain in the ass, but it's worth it because I finally have an apartment off campus which means I didn't have to go home for the summer :D

So far my summer highlights have been catching up on TV shows (finished OITNB last night...holy shit), making friends at my new job, and FINALLY getting a haircut (pic).

I'll try to be on a bit more over the summer since BB will on, so fingers crossed!  I really do miss everyone, but school is taking over my life since I graduate next May.

So for now, just a hey.  Hopefully I'll be back and maybe sneak in a game or two soon :)
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Someone Asked Me to Join Stars Mar 28, 2014
I'm pretty sure I've lost any and all relevance I ever had on here.

My last Stars was in 2012, and it's still on my front page :P
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I Did 6 AM Yoga Mar 20, 2014
And I was wide awake and energized

Now it's half an hour until my 10 AM class, and I'm soooo tired :/
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