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Happy Holidays Everyone :)

Dec 25, 2012 by realitynerd
Haven't logged on in a while, so I thought I'd check in and wish everyone a Merry Christmas.  I like the new format of the site, I'm not going to lie.  I miss the recent comment section since I too only log in to blog occasionally (hi zimdelinvasor).

Hope all is well.  School is killing me, and that's about the only news I have to report.  If you have a Tumblr and want to keep track of me, my URL's /yetanothertaylor

Talk to y'all later.  I'll try to get on Skype one day or something.


merry xmas
Sent by qwert2,Dec 25, 2012
Sent by Steel,Dec 25, 2012
thank god the recent comment section is back realitynerd

i don't really like the new backgruond but it's not a big deal at least since it's just a visual thing not, like, a layout thing
Sent by zimdelinvasor,Dec 26, 2012

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