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Danielle should be

Sep 16, 2012 by pink03angel
pushing the fact that no woman has beat a male in the final more to both Ian and Dan thats a more convincing argument and also that Dan has money already to Ian


She did make that argument already. :)
Sent by Matthew09,Sep 16, 2012
Sent by jamjars,Sep 16, 2012
Danielle doesn't have the intelligence to muster up a good argument
Sent by HelenCoops,Sep 16, 2012
matthew09 yeah but only half heartedly I think she has a stronger case there than trying to get him to throw it to Dan
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 16, 2012
IKR helencoops it's like I wish I could scream at the TV oh I still cant believe she fell for the whole throwing the first comp. TBH I think both Ian and Dan have a better sot winning against Danielle than each other
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 16, 2012
haha I don't know what she's doing, she still has a legimate chance to win the whole show and she seems so clueless pink03angel... I think her stupidity will probably cost her
Sent by HelenCoops,Sep 16, 2012

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