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Thank you so much Tengaged! Sep 16, 2014
imageI am truly appreciative of everyone help so far! Thanks even just spreading the word helps! I just wanted to give a update in Ben, his swelling has gone down significantly and he made HUGE progress today. We hope to be able to have his surgery by this Friday at the latest. We are extremely thankful for the love, prayers, and support from you all! My boys Ethan and CJ especially would like to thank you. I have been and will continue to update the fundraising site with pictures and updates daily, so even if you can't donate I invite you to check out his progress as any well wishes will help him as well. Special Thanhd to those who have helped spread the word and donated or sent prayers our way!

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Help needed for my dog! Sep 15, 2014
imageHey everyone! I know it has been awhile and I hope I have not been forgotten I just don't know how to un-become a skeleton that's why I haven't been on as much. Anyways I hate to bother everyone and I know it is a long shot but if anyone can help I am trying to raise money for my dog who got hit by a car this past Saturday and needs to have surgery soon. If you can help please click on the link to donate. ANY help is appreciated even $1! Thanks!
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Thank you! Thank you! Anonymous user for my eyes! Jun 29, 2013
I LOVE my new pink eyes! Thanks so much for the awesome surprise! #Shops
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I LOVE the PINK eyes!!! Jun 27, 2013
I really LOVE the eyes in Gagaluv 's shop! Someone please gift me! Pretty please? LOL! #shops
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Thank you so much I really like my new eyes! I really appreciate the thought, I totally wasn't expecting to get them! You are so thoughtful! Thanks again!

Gucci911 #Thankful
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I would really love......... May 13, 2013
The eyes and the Crown in Gagaluv's shop but I can only afford the crown
:( someone please gift me the eyes for a belated graduation present since I graduated on Sat.?

#shops #rookies
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