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Help needed for my dog!

1stSep 15, 2014 by pink03angel
imageHey everyone! I know it has been awhile and I hope I have not been forgotten I just don't know how to un-become a skeleton that's why I haven't been on as much. Anyways I hate to bother everyone and I know it is a long shot but if anyone can help I am trying to raise money for my dog who got hit by a car this past Saturday and needs to have surgery soon. If you can help please click on the link to donate. ANY help is appreciated even $1! Thanks!


Libertarian and you all in one day holy shit
and omg good luck :(
Sent by Aquamarine,Sep 15, 2014
Hey I remember you!
Sent by disneygeek,Sep 15, 2014
anyways good luck to your dog
Sent by disneygeek,Sep 15, 2014
omg awwwww :( ill help your dog
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 15, 2014
Poor thing, I hope he gets better quick
Sent by angered,Sep 15, 2014
i don't know you, but donated what i could!!! good luck to you & ben < 3
Sent by k4r4k,Sep 15, 2014
Thank you all so much for your support so far! It is truly appreciated!
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 15, 2014
Goodluck to your dog! :( Hes such a cutie!
Sent by TimmyP,Sep 15, 2014
Sent by Danger,Sep 15, 2014
omgggggggg :(((((((
Sent by xBostonx,Sep 15, 2014
Awww poor dog :(
Sent by Cromatique,Sep 15, 2014
aww. Just donated, best of luck I hope the surgery goes well!
Sent by AmandaBynes,Sep 15, 2014
Pink03angel I love your avi so much. It's my fucking favorite.
Sent by Pookiie,Sep 15, 2014
Omg thats so sad :/
Sent by Lucinda,Sep 15, 2014
Sad :/
Sent by imprincearthur,Sep 15, 2014
Poor Dog Boo :(
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,Sep 15, 2014
I hope you get enough to pay for the surgery pink03angel < 33
Sent by Diva1,Sep 15, 2014
Thanks to everyone who has helped so far! My family is thankful!
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 15, 2014
Donated, hopefully he get better. Wish I could of donated more
Sent by jayhawk123,Sep 15, 2014
Thank you jayhawk123 every amount helps!
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 15, 2014
Also posted it on my Facebook :), I love animals, and its sickening that the driver accelerated
Sent by jayhawk123,Sep 15, 2014
I donated
Sent by Mickiejames22,Sep 16, 2014
This is so sad... Fuck
Sent by JGoodies,Sep 16, 2014
Good luck
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Sep 16, 2014
Aw I'm sorry to hear about your dog. I hope that he will get better very soon.
Sent by Megan,Sep 16, 2014
I do not have any money to donate, but I pray your dog makes it through alright
Sent by PepperParker,Sep 16, 2014
I donated 5 dollars hope that helped.
Sent by Mickiejames22,Sep 16, 2014
pink03angel I don't really know you but I donated and really hope that your dog is able to have surgery. I wish you all the best!!
Sent by Dusty2244,Sep 16, 2014
Thank you so much Dusty2244 I really appreciate it. I will post an update shortly  since I am going to visit him in a mon. Everyone's help is wonderful!  mickiejames22  don't worry any amount is appreciated.still am not seeing your donation appear yet though so I can check with the site to see  what's going on. Dusty I see yours but not Mickie's
Sent by pink03angel,Sep 16, 2014

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