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Random thought.....

Aug 16, 2012 by pink03angel
Do you think conjoined twins ever have physical relationships? Or do the stay virgins all their life? hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........


Oh they do have sex ! the girls on tv had both boyfriends
Sent by Sweet_susan,Aug 16, 2012
idk, id feel like it be really awkward to have any sort of physical relationship with someone, not sure though
Sent by snowskier121,Aug 16, 2012
yeah but are they intamate?if so isnt it like cheating at the same time with the other sis? sweet_susan
Sent by pink03angel,Aug 16, 2012
with each other?
Sent by qwert2,Aug 16, 2012
no not with each other qwert like with other people i just saw the preview for that tlc show and akwardly that question popped in my head
Sent by pink03angel,Aug 16, 2012

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