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Happy Birthday 2cool4school!!

May 10, 2013 by oleary91
imageToday Gary McConn turns 19 years old, he is growing up fast.

Let's take a look at his finest moments on tengaged so far:

2009 - Aged just 15, Gary entertained us all by calling in as a guest to the KingMac radio show. We had many laughs at how he sounded like a girl in this video, unfortunately this video was deleted off youtube recently :( This was also the year he got both of us nommed in stars by sleeping in and forgetting to nominate. Lazy 15 year old.

2010 - Getting old now at 16 years old, this was the year he became a man. Imagine our surprise as he came on call one day and his voice had broken! This was also the year he SHOCKED everyone by revealing Cosgrove was actually his brother and his name was Gary Cosgrove not Gary McConn! Tengaged never thought they would be able to trust him again after this moment, tengaged was never the same again...

2011 - Turning 17 totally changed his character. Imagine, he negged me in a game just so he could win. I couldn't believe my eyes when I seen it, I refused to believe it. He also used a friend just get a design, the desperation was too much! 2011 was also the lowest point in his tengaged career, it was the year he discovered WKD....

2012 - Turning 18 was a proud moment for him as he was finally able to drink more than 1 WKD without getting drunk, it was an amazing day. He became too big for his boots though and started drinking 3++++ WKDs every weekend. One weekend he didn't log in to tengaged for a whole 2 days, it turned out he was passed out in a field for a night. Tengaged was in despair! This was also the saddest moment in his tengaged career as his parents decided tengaged was a bad influence for him and he was BANNED from accessing this site :( It was the last we seen of him that year.

2013 - He returned to the site recently as a new man. He has sorted out his life and will be attending IT Tralee later this year, it is one of the most prestigious colleges in Ireland. He is also going travelling the world this summer; 19 is looking good for 2cool4school!!

To sum up TL:DR if you aren't 2cool.


LOL :']
Sent by connorthomson,May 10, 2013
Thanks for saving us both from embarrassment connorthomson
Sent by oleary91,May 10, 2013
yeh your blog having 0 comments is a bit embarrassing oleary91 :( you need to trend princessteepee though for the WKD reference
Sent by connorthomson,May 10, 2013
lmao Look at you blogging!!

Happy birthday 2cool4school < 3
Sent by BlueStar,May 10, 2013
Happy Birthday 2cool4school :) and LOLLL connorthomson
Sent by PrincessTeePee,May 10, 2013
I actually love you all oleary91 connorthomson bluestar princessteepee
Sent by 2cool4school,May 11, 2013
Sent by oleary91,May 11, 2013
if u look closely u can see the disappotintmed in her eys
Sent by 2cool4school,May 11, 2013
u 18 years ago 2cool4school
Sent by oleary91,May 11, 2013
We had many laughs at how he sounded like a girl in this video

Sent by 2cool4school,May 11, 2013
Sent by oleary91,May 11, 2013

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