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My top 20 fave X factor contestants ever!!

Oct 7, 2012 by oleary91
Inspired by BlueStar & sexgoddx here is my list, and it is probs the best one.

20. Kimberley Southwick (2007) - She was probably my favourite that year but she was the first boot :( There was drama at the time cause X Factor started 15 minutes early than scheduled and she was on first so a lot of people missed her. Kim was robbed :( It was also Dermot's first time presenting the show and Sharon made it so bad for him cause she refused to vote and walked off!!

19. Cassie Compton (2004) - No one probs remember her and tbh I don't really either. But I know she was my fav in the first series so had to include her!!

18. Little Mix (2011) - At the start I really wasn't a fan of Little Mix, I thought they would be first out really. When Kitty got eliminated I had no one else to support so I went with Little Mix and then I grew to love them!

17. Amelia Lily (2011) - I was so sad when Kelly Rowland voted her off on the first show, although it was probs the right choice. So glad Frankie messed up and she got to come back though. Her performance when she got back onto the show was amazing! Prob one of my favs from last year.

16. Lucie Jones (2009) - I loved her from her first audition and her elimination is probably one of the biggest upsets in X Factor history. I liked Jedward too but I felt so bad for her when she got eliminated :(

15. Jedward (2009) - A lot of people hate them but I loved them back in 2009, their Ghostbusters performance was so good. They also caused one of my favourite Louis moments, him being caught on camera giving two fingers to the people in the audience booing Jedward LOL.

14. Nikitta Angus (2006) - I loved Nikitta since her audition, was probably supporting her even more than Leona. I think my first time voting on X Factor was a vote for Nikitta, she got eliminated that night though so anyone I vote for is cursed :(

13. Ella Henderson (2012) - I missed her first audition so didn't get the hype about her. Her bootcamp performance was amazing and so was her performance last night on the first live shows. She will probably move up higher as the series goes on.

12. Hope (2007) - I loved these so much, well really I loved Phoebe but she got put into a group so I had to love the group instead. They were in the bottom 2 sooo many times and they kept staying, just cause Simon fancied them haaaa.

11. Cher Lloyd (2010) - I loved her audition so much and watched it so many times. So many people started to hate her though and then I kind of started to hate her too :( After X Factor she has matured a lot though and I started to like her again, loves her album.

10. Same Difference (2007) - Sarah Smith crying over being bullied and then singing "I Never Had a Dream Come True" is probs one of the most memorable moments in X Factor history. I loved these 2 and was dead sad when they only got 3rd :(

09. Alexandra Burke (2008) - It's funny, I loved her when she auditioned back in 2005 and was sad when she didn't make it through. When she came back in 2008 I wasn't that big a fan of her, probs cause she was Diana Vickers rival. I have loved most of her post X Factor songs though.

08. Rylan Clark (2012) - lols Rylan. Loads of people hate him but he is so funny and brings the entertainment so I love him. He has produced two of the funniest moments of this years X Factor so far 1. Hitting Dermot in the face with his spikes when he hugged him and 2. His reaction to getting through. Hopefully he will have loads more to come.

07. Stacey Solomon (2009) - I loved Stacey just cause she was so fun, she always made me laugh and still does. Her performance of "Who Wants to Live Forever" was my favourite performance that series. So weird that she hasn't released any songs yet though and is just the face for Iceland.

06. Rachel Adedeji (2009) - Rachel Adedeji was amazing and sooo underrated. I was so sad when people weren't voting for her :( I can't believe she got voted off when she was against Lloyd Daniels UGH. She also provided one of the funniest X Factor moments, falling over the carpet while running over to Dannii Minogue. If you haven't heard her post X Factor stuff then check it out cause its actually really good.

05. Janet Devlin (2011) - Poor Ja'net :( When I seen her audition I just knew she was going to be my favourite, she sang the Ellie Goulding version of "Your Song"!!! I think she could have been amazing but she got Kelly Rowland as her mentor and she was terrible :( Janet was robbed tbh.

04. Leona Lewis (2006) - You gotta have Leona on your list just because she is the most successful act to come from the X Factor. Well maybe One Direction have taken her over, not sure. She was the obvious winner that year and I'm just glad it wasn't Ray Quinn.

03. Kitty Brucknell (2011) - Last year I just started supporting Kitty as a joke but then she turned out the be amazing and I fell in love with her. She got so much hate that wasn't deserved and she was actually a really vocalist :( Her performances were so good and who can forget Lady GaGa crying and running on stage to hug her.

02. Shayne Ward (2005) - I loved Shayne and supported him from the very beginning. He was half Irish or whatever so I had to support him, it just helped that he was really good too. Was so sad when he just vanished for ages and then released an album and got dropped :( Simon is so mean.

01. Diana Vickers (2008) - If you know me then this one will be dead obvious. I was such a huge Diana fan. BlueStar can confirm this, we used to post on this forum and I nearly got banned for getting in an argument with a Diana hater :( LOL Her performances were amazing and I really think if she didn't get that week off she would have won :( I love that her album got to #1 and I can't wait for her next album to be released. This is the performance that made me fall in love with her:


omg loved Kimberly and Rachel too! < 3
Sent by Joee323,Oct 7, 2012
i'm glad leona is on this list! :D #leonalewisisagoddess
Sent by 49288,Oct 7, 2012
This list is awful apart from kitty and jedward! No rhydian again
Sent by connorthomson,Oct 7, 2012
lmfao, You were SO obsessed with her , it was funny :D you told me I have to agree with your list but no no no Kitty and rylan!! I did like Hope though!! And shame on you for having Jedward lmao
Sent by BlueStar,Oct 7, 2012
connorthomson no one likes Rhydian
Sent by oleary91,Oct 7, 2012
What will you do with yourself when this show stops airing? oleary91
Sent by cheznahuf,Oct 7, 2012
cheznahuf I will fail to exist
Sent by oleary91,Oct 7, 2012
Sent by Tiger118118,Oct 20, 2012

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