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Oh wow, lovely

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Tengaged meet up Apr 21, 2023
imageWith alphabravo. We are old schools please plus us
Points: 90 5 comments
I was robbed Mar 13, 2021
Points: 50 1 comments
PYN Feb 12, 2021
and I'll tell you if connorthomson thinks you're straight or not

brandonpinzu gay as fk, sorry

Singsongers as str8 as connor himself

kingjames13 STR8

smi9127 gay. as you are connorthomson lover!

connorthomson GAY AS FK

mikec51 bi, just to be different

eoin as gay as Louis Walsh

bluestar omg a lesbian JK.. straight for sure!!
Points: 89 17 comments
We know you are gay Feb 12, 2021
image connorthomson
Points: 74 3 comments
Who do you think is the fakest bitch on this site? Oct 27, 2020
I vote connorthomson
Points: 25 3 comments
PYN Jun 4, 2020
and I'll tell you if I have actually ever heard of you before

lemonface omg I actually have.. Im shook there is a name I recognize

3pi14159 I havent but I seen you used my first blog as one of your group game clues? omg

Cheeseman2468 sorry I havent

arris omg you are TV star but I havent heard of you.. sorry =( I havent been active on this site forever tho
Points: 54 7 comments