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New Tengaged Updates!

16thJan 31, 2017 by noah_kondon
I have been asked on behalf of randomize to announce these as he's quite busy. I hope you guys love what we have been working on!

1) The Duel will be returning tomorrow night! After much discussion we have finally decided on bringing the game half of you hated and half of you have never played back! This time will be slightly different however. Firstly the unenroll button will remain active throughout the entire game, so if you think you're about to lose a duel you can just hop right out of the game and get your T$ back! We think this is a very fair addition as many new users will be scared of facing higher level players in a duel as they have more experience with how to use the cheat engine. The second big addition is that only one duel will be played at a time, much like The Hunger Games, and there won't be a time limit on how long the 'days' last. This is also fair as it means the players who get in can take their time and casually play the game around their real life.

2) #BioDork will be returning to fill the vacant position of #Tengaged_Moderation. We hope that you will all welcome him back, especially since we all know he was the best past moderator and fits the role perfectly!

3) We know a lot of you users play on this website in 12-13 hour sittings and we realize it can be a struggle to find time for those 'real life responsibilities' such as eating. This is why we are introducing a new feature to the website called 'T-Delivery'. The process is simple, if you're getting a bit peckish or just fancy some fried chicken, head over to the T-Delivery page and our system will automatically display menus of your local fast food delivery services! What's even better is that you don't even need to leave the Tengaged website, all of the ordering can be done directly through us! (Hidden charges may apply... umm... we're not sure why or where exactly the money goes... algorithm issues?)

4) Weekly design giveaway! A much requested feature by newer users that we're so happy to announce. The process works just like the Stars raffle seat, you buy a ticket and are entered into a random draw. The winner each week gets to choose one of my beautiful smoke designs that will permanently be worn on your avatar! :)

5) New websites! We are so happy to finally be opening new versions of Tengaged worldwide! 124 of the 196 countries worldwide will receive their own, language specific, version of Tengaged to play on and you are expected to use the correct language on each website. Finally all of you Burmese speakers will have your own community!

We really hope you enjoy these updates guys, they will be implemented as soon as possible, some time within the next 4 to 6 years! :)



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