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  1. any uk tgers here at the wedding?
  2. my avatar is perfect
  3. Project Runway long-term
  4. r u a designer?
  5. I 4got bbcan existed
  7. I understand
  8. Survivor Maryland: Live reaction
  9. this stars blog drama
  10. hmmm that's a lot of blogs for you to remove now
  11. yh cuz
  12. Whenever u feel bad about yourself
  13. Go ahead call the cops
  14. i'm sorry but
  15. This is honestly pathetic
  16. also u still look like shit
  17. I love the "drag"
  18. imagine
  19. vvvv love how this won't get rage negged
  20. tonight was so fun on the blogs page
  21. Don't intimidate teenagers online
  22. Loooool
  23. Soooooo
  24. Just saw that the Führer took his own life.
  25. I've been thinking alot since last night
  26. I find it almost insulting to Hitler’s life
  27. So on the topic of the TOS
  28. #repost
  29. I guess we live in a world where
  30. Literally definition of abuse of power
  31. Oh is calling someone a racist against the rules..
  32. SO
  33. Carlos isn't listening to u girl
  34. Same peeps
  35. That's ur 'best friend' mr kondom?
  36. Test
  37. Wow lol my blog was deleted
  38. Fiesta salsa quinceanera
  39. Shut it carolyn
  40. connorthomson ummm IDK maybe cause the terrorist..


Jan 11, 2018 by mahogany
*sees top blog in which steel calls Littlebrother a pedophile*

*remembers like 2 days ago when gagaluv said she would delete anything like that*


Sent by Steel,Jan 11, 2018
Sent by Olympia,Jan 11, 2018
excuse me I was not online I have been in bed is now deleted mahogany
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 12, 2018
Fuck u mahogany u got my top blog removed
Sent by Steel,Jan 12, 2018
Ur a pedophile supporter now
Sent by Steel,Jan 12, 2018
Steel if you are really concerned with someone doing things they should not be doing blogging it on Tengaged isn't going to help the situation take it to the police cause it is a crime if indeed it is happening
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 12, 2018
gagaluv I think alerting the tengaged population about a confirmed sexual predator is pretty important so more people don’t fall into his traps
Sent by Steel,Jan 12, 2018
where is the confirmation? Steel those are very serious accusations
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 12, 2018
and if it is true then reporting them to the police would keep the person off Tengaged Steel
Sent by gagaluv,Jan 12, 2018

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