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  1. any uk tgers here at the wedding?
  2. my avatar is perfect
  3. Project Runway long-term
  4. r u a designer?
  5. I 4got bbcan existed
  7. I understand
  8. Survivor Maryland: Live reaction
  9. this stars blog drama
  10. hmmm that's a lot of blogs for you to remove now
  11. yh cuz
  12. Whenever u feel bad about yourself
  13. Go ahead call the cops
  14. i'm sorry but
  15. This is honestly pathetic
  16. also u still look like shit
  17. I love the "drag"
  18. imagine
  19. vvvv love how this won't get rage negged
  20. tonight was so fun on the blogs page
  21. Don't intimidate teenagers online
  22. Loooool
  23. Soooooo
  24. Just saw that the Führer took his own life.
  25. I've been thinking alot since last night
  26. I find it almost insulting to Hitler’s life
  27. So on the topic of the TOS
  28. #repost
  29. I guess we live in a world where
  30. Literally definition of abuse of power
  31. Oh is calling someone a racist against the rules..
  32. SO
  33. Carlos isn't listening to u girl
  34. Same peeps
  35. That's ur 'best friend' mr kondom?
  36. Test
  37. Wow lol my blog was deleted
  38. Fiesta salsa quinceanera
  39. Shut it carolyn
  40. connorthomson ummm IDK maybe cause the terrorist..

My discussion of black mirror s3

Jan 5, 2018 by mahogany
buckle up i was really bored last night and watched all of it but I'm honestly really stank about it

Nosedive is OKAY I thought it was kinda funny making it the most watchable of the season.

Playtest - I remember after this episode I was like, this gets a C from me. It was like aight I don't think they went as far with the hallucination elements as they coulda. The stupid quadruple twist ending made me roll my eyes.

Shut Up and Dance - I enjoyed watching this episode ft Bronn from game of thrones enough but the ending was really anticlimactic AND predictable at the same time somehow

SAN FUCKING JUNIPERO - I'm gonna be honest this was by far the worst episode of the season I DONT CARE ABOUT THESE DYKES and the whole "oooh it's actually a cloud for dead people yadda" twist of the plotline wasn't thematically explored enough for me to care enough about this really stupid BASIC love story

Men Against Fire - This is like a PASSABLE idea but there was something to be desired in the execution. All of that boring story leading up to the actual 'this is what the episode's about' in the final 20 minutes doesn't really make it worth the time.

Hated In the Nation - Congratulations you are the winner of this challenge, even though this one was hella long and drawn out I was very wrapped up in it somehow, they did a really good job of making this one lowkey funny and I thought the suspense was built at a good pace, I LOVED how the bees were executed even though the fact that it was really ridiculous to watch, and I have to say I was expecting Miss Blu Rayne to be a double agent the whole time because of the overbearing focus on her but I guess not? Whatever. I still enjoyed this one the most. Nosedive that means you're in you can leave the runway

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