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3rd- Skype Project Runway Season Ranking

Jan 3, 2018 by mahogany
Charts & looks: (BTW EVERY LOOK AND EVERY COLLECTION SEASON 3 ON is now in the chart. I have information claiming I might get some season 1 looks as well)

3rd place goes to SEASON 10: ALL STARS

This was ALMOST everything I could have wanted in an all-stars season, Giraffez was really a clutch casting net but I obviously wanted a few others like zoeygasms koolness234 slice etc etc.

The good:
-In terms of the talent this really felt like an all-stars, it was high tension from the JUMP
-The twist for challenges 2 and 5 where I spun wheels to determine the challenge (one for unconventional material, one for client, one for type of fashion). Probably shouldn't bring it back but it felt appropriate for all-stars, especially for the redemption challenges.
-Giraffez managing to pull out the redemption win and returning to somehow survive to the finale and deliver a really funny collection.
-Some really unforgettable looks, including but not limited to Splozo's d-pad dress for Paris Hilton, Melissa Joan's monkey ball GOAL gown, and Nisha's performance wear for Ariana Grande
-The contentious back-and-forth between Nisha and Splozo the whole season left everyone on the EDGE OF THEY SEAT
-Kinda random but this season made me feel so proud of British Romeo, as he went from early boot cannon fodder to surviving to the endgame of All-Stars. What a journey.

The bad:
-I feel kinda bad for the redemption girls, I wasn't expecting such high-quality looks from them and I felt guilty only bringing back one of them.
-The quit of Poopies who I felt coulda gone all the way.
-Like yeah the season was dominated by like 2 people for the most part but sorry they were just HIGH FASHION

Seasons still in contention:



*twirls* top 3 like always
Sent by Queenisha,Jan 3, 2018

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