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  1. i'm also off the hezze
  2. *news of Halloween's death plays on the nightly..
  3. zachbbs
  4. oh wow sad
  5. LOL @
  6. negativity
  7. honestly
  8. watching this frooks on my tv screen
  9. tayvie is hosting a skype next top model
  10. Is this guy gay?
  11. Oh excuse me *prepares for photo op*
  12. did gagaluv make this video
  13. wow i cant believe
  14. So
  15. yikes @
  16. bitch
  17. Skype Project Runway
  18. Hosting a Project Runway skype game
  19. Project Runway skype game
  20. *sits in the stars house*
  21. Tayvie's Skype Next Top Model
  22. Project runway skype game
  23. Hosting a Project Runway skype game
  24. ladies we have two weeks
  25. who wants to play a skype game
  26. does anyone wanna play a skype game
  27. Ideal BB All Stars Cast
  28. me: I just feel awful!
  29. me: the allegations are totally untrue!
  30. You're part of the problem now Henna
  31. Cancer free in 9 days huh?
  32. 7:03 PM PT Rockstar says that 911 is an inside job..
  33. i wanna get shot in the head
  34. I'm only staying if
  35. Yeah this place is worthless now
  36. real question
  37. icon
  38. Pay me for my silence
  39. Wow
  40. No title

my favorite part of this is how

17thDec 11, 2017 by mahogany
maybelline is helping to show me who her multis are because it's painfully obvious when she's making blogs on them to try to make someone feel GANGED UP ON

especially when they all HAPPEN to delete comments of people calling them out as being her multis IMMEDIATELY

literally grow up girl is it still too real to know the site thinks of you as a hacker and multi user? don't end it, you're giving my stars castmates really good reasons not to nominate me


hun, you can go unnommed idc? Pretty sure the payouts for 3rd place in stars is less than a frookies win tho :)
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 11, 2017
Who are her multis? expose him. Expose the genderfaker.
Sent by Corey54321,Dec 11, 2017
corey54321 peep the blogs page it's really obvious
Sent by mahogany,Dec 11, 2017
But you cant give any evidence so i feel like you are just trying to get everyone to turn against her??
Sent by Corey54321,Dec 11, 2017
Corey54321 she says that anyone who defends me is my multi. next thing you know, she'll be calling you my multi too. watch out hun!
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 11, 2017
corey54321 try commenting on one of their blogs that they're a multi and see how instantly it's taken down.

that's all the evidence i need
Sent by mahogany,Dec 11, 2017

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