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  1. Anyone for skypes next top model
  2. sounds like
  3. hosting a mystery diners skype game
  4. So whatever happened to
  5. I'm out
  6. Yeah remember when the dirty brazilians
  7. might host a total drama island themed vivor
  8. hosting an I love money skype game
  9. my favorite ban
  10. any uk tgers here at the wedding?
  11. my avatar is perfect
  12. Project Runway long-term
  13. r u a designer?
  14. I 4got bbcan existed
  16. I understand
  17. Survivor Maryland: Live reaction
  18. this stars blog drama
  19. hmmm that's a lot of blogs for you to remove now
  20. yh cuz
  21. Whenever u feel bad about yourself
  22. Go ahead call the cops
  23. i'm sorry but
  24. This is honestly pathetic
  25. also u still look like shit
  26. I love the "drag"
  27. imagine
  28. vvvv love how this won't get rage negged
  29. tonight was so fun on the blogs page
  30. Don't intimidate teenagers online
  31. Loooool
  32. Soooooo
  33. Just saw that the Führer took his own life.
  34. I've been thinking alot since last night
  35. I find it almost insulting to Hitler’s life
  36. So on the topic of the TOS
  37. #repost
  38. I guess we live in a world where
  39. Literally definition of abuse of power
  40. Oh is calling someone a racist against the rules..

my favorite part of this is how

17thDec 11, 2017 by mahogany
maybelline is helping to show me who her multis are because it's painfully obvious when she's making blogs on them to try to make someone feel GANGED UP ON

especially when they all HAPPEN to delete comments of people calling them out as being her multis IMMEDIATELY

literally grow up girl is it still too real to know the site thinks of you as a hacker and multi user? don't end it, you're giving my stars castmates really good reasons not to nominate me


hun, you can go unnommed idc? Pretty sure the payouts for 3rd place in stars is less than a frookies win tho :)
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 11, 2017
Who are her multis? expose him. Expose the genderfaker.
Sent by Corey54321,Dec 11, 2017
corey54321 peep the blogs page it's really obvious
Sent by mahogany,Dec 11, 2017
But you cant give any evidence so i feel like you are just trying to get everyone to turn against her??
Sent by Corey54321,Dec 11, 2017
Corey54321 she says that anyone who defends me is my multi. next thing you know, she'll be calling you my multi too. watch out hun!
Sent by Maybelline,Dec 11, 2017
corey54321 try commenting on one of their blogs that they're a multi and see how instantly it's taken down.

that's all the evidence i need
Sent by mahogany,Dec 11, 2017

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