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Vote me here please

Oct 26, 2020 by lhooper902976
I hate asking  tengaged but,  can you please vote for me here.  I want to punch my ticket to the final three and prove that I deserve to the winner.  If I win this poll I want to make a big move to prove my worth.  I came into the season with a reputation  that should've seen me out early.  Most days,  first to ever win redemption house,  a four now five time made single digits, and one of if  not the best average for a nonwinner returnee.  The people in the house slept on me but,  I want to prove to them why I'm  a legend. As far as the argument that Piddu was bullied all game, that's a lie. First time he was nommed was he flipped on the then majority, second time was expected after he nommed half the house almost when he had power, and third time he tried to sneak to the end by pitting everyone against lorenzo and chanelle and nearly succeeded.
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