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Gift Giveaway!

7thSep 16, 2020 by kasey2011
Post a reason you or a friend should be gifted and i will choose one of you!

(Female designs)


Brimstone should be gifted cause hes new to frooks so he doesn't have that coin and he needs some new designs to werk

i need new designs cause im wearing some ugly ass stuff and i use up all my money on frooks
Sent by ShaniquaJones,Sep 16, 2020
Meeee I've been on the site for two years and I think my avatar needs a new look!! ♡♡♡ :)
Sent by cinzi_lov,Sep 16, 2020
LaylaLove because she's come a long way learning and speaking english and she's a great person
Sent by Brimstone,Sep 16, 2020
me because ive been gone alot lately after never missing one day on tg in like 3yrs and well dang apparently no one missed me :P
Sent by Minniemax,Sep 16, 2020
allthat she has no clothing at all she is so nice and loyal. she never lies or backstabs best person on Tenagaged
Sent by Yawnha,Sep 17, 2020

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