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Favorite Survivor Winner

Feb 18, 2015 by joshprost99
Who is your favorite Survivor winner and why?



Danni because it proves you can still win being in the minority.
Sent by mrcool,Feb 18, 2015
1. Chris
2. Kim
3. Natalie A.
4. Tom
Sent by SurvivorFreak13,Feb 18, 2015
Sandra because it proves you can still win being in the minority (twice).
Sent by woollybear98,Feb 18, 2015
Parvati Shallow, because she is one of the best players ever and can beat almost anyone when she wants to.
Sent by DeVilJack14,Feb 18, 2015
Rob Mariano because I'm in love with his accent and it only took him 4 times to get a win in.
Sent by Petunia,Feb 18, 2015
Tony - Because he showed Russell that you can play an amazing strategic game while still maintaining the social game to win. Tony = Best player in Survivor history *My Opinion*
Sent by Hannah_Parks,Feb 18, 2015
Denise because she was the ultimate underdog and attended every tribal council. I also felt like I could empathize with her situation.
Sent by LoganWorm,Feb 19, 2015

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