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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

1st WIN on my 1st NEW ROOKIES!!

Oct 3, 2010 by jdsurvivor
imageOh my gosh! What an intense game!! 4 HoH's.. 3 vetos.. and surviving the chopping block!

Thanks a lot to HOLDER, DEATH_METAL, and MARIAHMELODY for their support to the end! Also a shout out to GREG, GAGALUV, and CONCEITE who all helped play a role as well!

KITZCAT - Sorry I nommed you a few time, it was never personal!

RATEDAXX - Enjoyed the game, hope to see you again!

NDKILLER - Had to get rid of you, you were my only competition in veto challenges!

BUMBLEBEAN, SPARKY, SOKERDUDE87 - good luck to you all in your next Rookies!

I didn't even have to use my Diamond Power of Veto ;P


Sent by talldude_1031,Oct 3, 2010
Sent by gagaluv,Oct 3, 2010
YAY JDSURVIVOR! :D<3333333333333333333333333333 +11
Sent by ZEEnon,Oct 3, 2010
Considering 6th was the best I ever did on the old Rookies, I would say I prefer the new version!
Sent by jdsurvivor,Oct 3, 2010
gj man
Sent by Holder,Oct 3, 2010
Yeah, the day I got eliminated, I got the million in deal so I wouldve had the next pov too for the supposively 3rd time
Sent by nbkiller,Oct 3, 2010
Congrats man!
Sent by Sparky,Oct 3, 2010
Sent by dragonldy640,Oct 3, 2010

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