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With bids this high...

Mar 30, 2010 by jdsurvivor

With bids that high, it's going to be cheaper to just open my own shop. LOL.


+, zam, you got mad Ts and apparently mad desire for your designs. Good for you, even if it's kinda frustrating I bet, lol.
Sent by Deetster,Mar 30, 2010
+6 ikr
Sent by purrSUEd,Mar 30, 2010
if that is you ,you are a cutie  hehee
Sent by BLUEGREY,Mar 30, 2010
nice hair! :D
Sent by PinkKitten,Mar 30, 2010
Sent by jdsurvivor,Mar 30, 2010
Sent by Akron,Mar 30, 2010

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