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TNTM Poll Aug 17, 2016
Hello --

Can you all please vote JDSURVIVOR at this link?

Also, please comment JDSURVIVOR :) thank you!!
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BATTLE of the SHOWMANCES: brantsteele Aug 10, 2016
image++++++ FIRST BLOG IN OVER 5 YEARS!!! ++++++


Comment who you think/want to win!!

Will & Shannon
Mike & Erika
Jeff & Jordan
Brendon & Rachael
Amanda & McCrae
Clay & Shelli
James & Natalie

And, please plus! This is my first blog in over 5 years!!!!!!!! WOOOHOOO!!! :) :)

Would you have included a different showmance? Who would you have not chosen? I will update with results!!
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my nephew redid my avatar Jun 26, 2011
my 4 year old nephew redid my avatar, what do you think!
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1st WIN on my 1st NEW ROOKIES!! Oct 3, 2010
imageOh my gosh! What an intense game!! 4 HoH's.. 3 vetos.. and surviving the chopping block!

Thanks a lot to HOLDER, DEATH_METAL, and MARIAHMELODY for their support to the end! Also a shout out to GREG, GAGALUV, and CONCEITE who all helped play a role as well!

KITZCAT - Sorry I nommed you a few time, it was never personal!

RATEDAXX - Enjoyed the game, hope to see you again!

NDKILLER - Had to get rid of you, you were my only competition in veto challenges!

BUMBLEBEAN, SPARKY, SOKERDUDE87 - good luck to you all in your next Rookies!

I didn't even have to use my Diamond Power of Veto ;P
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SILVER! Sep 26, 2010
imageI just reached 603 karma and was able to purchase silver!! HOOORAY! I am excited to be able to play in three games at once now!

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16-420 Aug 4, 2010
imageQUICK DUEL!! It's going to be AMAZING! I will be 9th and you all will go on to play without me at that point :( Just my prediction..
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