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Apr 20, 2017 by hinata0014
I think it should be updated to include 3 nominees everyday with the public voting to save one of the 3 and the person with the least votes to stay is eliminated, but everyone only gets to nominate 2 people still. So at least 1 person from either side can end up on the block. Makes the game harder to avoid the block and make it more interesting. Just my opinion, people might not like it oh well, but I just thought Stars needed an update.

Also on a side note if there's ties, then everyone involved in the tie should be nominated, not just randomly selected ones. Like 4 people receive 10 votes each ,they all should face the block, not just 2 randomly selected.


Worth a shot, Survivor got a little update afterall, figure Stars could get one. Up to Randomize though and weather or not if he thinks it's a good idea.


I miss you ily
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Apr 20, 2017

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