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Hi from bbcan house Mar 1, 2018
lovelife litecitrus
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Nominated for 4th in Stars Sep 12, 2015
Nominated for 4th in stars -

I feel like I am wasting my time typing this but whatever. I joined stars after a long break away from tengaged and it's pitty drama. It is kinda sad that after all this hard work I have pulled in this game, a spammer is going to claim the victory :

Yes I know it is only one person she asked to save her in this poll... bla bla bla (based on the screenshot), but it sure as hell means she could be asking other people. There has been other blogs by my good friend bowling4fun JasonXtreme as well on how she has been spamming to stay.

So, you guys can either vote based on gameplay or based on the fact she has a pair of tits since I can't see any other reason to why she is surviving polls.

I have been playing hard and my gameplay speaks for itself. If you would like to reward me with a spot in finals, save me here! EVICT DALLAS1 button and prove a point.

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oh my brother is in stars :l Mar 25, 2015
Hi meyaar :D
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oh Dec 6, 2014
103 mails lel after idek how many days :p
thanks jenna2010 for the gift anyways < 3
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Hi Oct 28, 2014
71 mails in 45 days away. Cool. How is everything going along?
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Hi Aug 11, 2014
anyone remembers me?
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