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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Hunger Alert (in short 200 points and Boom)

1stJan 30, 2014 by hMzz
As much as I love the game, matt is behaving as childish as he possibly can. I am a fighter and I love to fight till the very end.

At this stage I can just hope for like tons of arrows to shoot him down.

But also I want to finish it off for you guys. So if there are enough people online right now that make this blog reach 200, I will happily suicide to this dumb person.

If you want me to hang in there then don't let it reach 200 points.



plussed love u kwon
Sent by Absol,Jan 30, 2014
A true tengaged hero
Sent by mikespike,Jan 30, 2014
I mean I understands he wants a win and will try to outlast you but he's just now seeking attention and being a pathetic player
Sent by sihz,Jan 30, 2014
Are you really that desperate for a top blog? :o
Sent by EM002,Jan 30, 2014
EM002 I want to tell how much dumb a person can get for a win, in an online game.

If you want to say that desperate than ok.
Sent by hMzz,Jan 30, 2014
hMzz I guess you are suiciding!

Grats Mattkwon1 for the winning
Sent by EM002,Jan 30, 2014
Sent by mattkwon1,Jan 30, 2014
wtf hunti
Sent by atti12,Jan 30, 2014
its just a gameeeeee
Sent by SomebodyAwesome,Jan 30, 2014
Sent by Instagram,Jan 31, 2014
Sent by Minie,Jan 31, 2014
UMMmm cfff
Sent by Minie,Jan 31, 2014
Here's 6 points for BB Eu
Sent by atti12,Jul 6, 2015

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