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Stars Support

3rdFeb 21, 2024 by goomybear
imageI have been really enjoying playing this game of stars. It has been a lot of work, but I have enjoyed it and think I have been playing a good game. I am new to Tengaged, so I don’t have a ton of connections just yet, but I am hoping you all see it in your hearts to give a noob a chance to continue playing and continue building more connections!

I have been playing the game well inside the house, but I feel like in order to fully get the full stars experience I need to test myself in a poll and this is my time! I have been preparing for a few days since my name had been tossed in some sets that didn’t stick since day 2. I managed to shift the target away from myself each time by simply not panicking and staying true to my word. Today however, I didn’t fight it as hard because I think I’m ready to see what I’m made of in the poll!

Lastly, I don’t understand when people get so angry after getting nominated. I look at it as an honor. If people want me in a set, it either means I have become a threat to their game, or they think I could beat them in the finals, and both are very flattering to me. I’m excited to test myself in this poll and even if I lose, I know I have played my best and it just means it is not my time to be a star! But I am playing to win so I hope you all can give me a chance to keep fighting!

Good luck to my opponent!



Quedate 😊
Sent by Dalvin,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by AntonB,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by systrix,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by lBrice,Feb 21, 2024
Sent by MarieEve,Feb 21, 2024
saved! gl buddy!
Sent by Harley,Feb 21, 2024
Saving you of course! Good luck ❤️
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 21, 2024
Saved you fabulous
Sent by abrogated,Feb 21, 2024
Thank you all so far! Tell your friends :)
Sent by goomybear,Feb 21, 2024
Gl bro :)
Sent by joe001,Feb 21, 2024

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