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Preparing My Case for Final 3

2ndFeb 24, 2024 by goomybear

My first stars, furthest person on the right of the cast, and I clawed my way into the final 3. If you love an underdog story, I would love your vote tomorrow!

Survived 2 polls and approached both head on and didn’t blast the cast for throwing me up. At the start of the game, I would have thought people wanted to save me for the finals since I would be an easy beat, and frankly I believed that to be true so early on I played for 3rd. Some of the moves I made in the beginning I regret, so after the first few rounds of voting, I began making bolder moves thinking 2-3 sets in advance. After winning a few polls myself, I feel like I have grown into a legitimate threat to win this game.

I worked closely with Semnome and Taragold00. Vitor came in with all of the experience as a former stars champion, and Tara had the social game on lock. These were two skillsets I knew I lacked coming into the game as an introverted rookie, which is why I made sure to choose these two as my allies to benefit from their strengths making up for my weaknesses. I did try to build genuine bonds with people, but as a MAJOR introvert on the spectrum, it takes me a while to open up to people and develop real connections, so doing this in a few days in the context of a game involving deception was never going to be my path to finals if I didn’t have some help.

My contribution to my allies became strategy. I kept a spreadsheet of where everyone’s votes were going and even though I didn’t always vote in majority, I was only ever wrong about 1 set, and that was when Yachj went up against Maya. By my count the set should have been Mackey Maya. Credit to Mackey who must have swayed someone’s vote to switch, but this was the reason Mackey became my target after that, especially since Yachj and I were close and by my count the next set was Semnome and Systrix, which meant there was a 100 percent chance I was going to lose 2 allies in a row once we saw Yachj had lost to Maya (Maya is incredible!). After this I began to feel lost in the game and did my best to keep the target away from Tara since I knew if she was in the sets, it was only a matter of time the set would be Tara and Goomy.

My end game may not have been the strongest since I ended up in the set I didn’t want, but it did take a tie and the algo to choose us so I am proud of that. Instead of rolling over and giving up, I fought hard in that poll and made it here proudly! 

Thanks to all that helped me to get here! I hope I have some support.

To my haters: If I win this I will be taking at least a couple week break from the site outside of my current survivor game, so vote for me if you want a break from me! 😊


To my haters: If I win this I will be taking at least a couple week break from the site outside of my current survivor game, so vote for me if you want a break from me! 😊
Sent by johnny5599,Feb 24, 2024
You're very fabulous to me goomybear
Sent by abrogated,Feb 24, 2024
Did you spam against Tara ?? I love you but I don’t see how you survive against her.
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Feb 24, 2024
let's go!
Sent by Santu,Feb 24, 2024
Trust me bigbrotherstan2022 I was as shocked as you were to survive that. I didn’t even set an alarm to check it. I only reached out to folks I had felt I connected to in previous games. Since Tara and I have a lot of mutual friends I didn’t try to sway many of them only the 2 I felt super close to and I’m not ever sure they ended up voting me anyhow lol.
Sent by goomybear,Feb 24, 2024
Well congrats :)
Sent by BigBrotherStan2022,Feb 24, 2024
Sent by joe001,Feb 24, 2024
Congrats and I wish you the best of luck going forward!!!
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Feb 24, 2024
Gl gommy <3
Sent by BrookeMaddox,Feb 24, 2024
Sent by Danyviso24,Feb 25, 2024
You did great!
Sent by Yonaka,Feb 25, 2024
Good luck
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Feb 25, 2024

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