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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

My previous games

Dec 24, 2019 by gethann
Couldn't look like a knub with this on my main page
Gumball's Survivor Panama: 4th place               
           -Most Robbed Castaway

Rodraego's Survivor Caspian Sea: 5th place         
     -Best Move of the Season

Zombie Survivor Gang Wars: 7th place
- Best Alliance and Best Gang

Zombie Survivor Ikahns (All-Stars): 1st place (7-6-1)
- Player of the Season

DanZ Survivor Montenegro: 1st place  (6-1 teehee)

DanZ Survivor All-Stars: 5th place
- Hero of the Season

Ethan's Survivor Spain: 3rd place
- Player of the Season 

Ethan's Survivor All-Stars: 2nd place (6-3-0)

Nathan's Survivor Madagascar: 4th place
- Underdog of the Season

Gio's Crackhead Survivor: 1st place (4-3)

T & C Survivor: 2nd/3rd place (10-0-0)
- Villain of the Season and Player of the Season

C&A Blood vs Water: 4th place (ROCKED OUT)
- Villain of the Season and the fans pick for Hero of the Season

C&A All Stars: 3rd (5-4-0 hehehehhe)
- Character of the Season and Host's Favorite Moment of the Season

Brady's Survivor New Zealand: 2nd (6-2-0)
-Player of the Season, MVP of the Season, Alliance of the Season, VL Fan Favorite :P

Brady's Survivor All-Stars: 6th
-Player of the Season

C&A/BK's Survivor Worlds Collide: 2nd (7-3-0)

Yawnha's Traitors: 1st (Traitor)


no from playing games
Sent by Cadden,Dec 24, 2019
wait is it only from playing games, no blgo posts rip
Sent by gethann,Dec 24, 2019
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Blog posts only get you T's, check the F.A.Q. on the bottom it has a chart of the T's/Karma you can win in various games, you'll get the karma once the game is over.
Sent by DBWs,Dec 24, 2019
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