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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

For every 10 likes I'll mention

19thDec 31, 2020 by gethann
someone who sucks

10- CurlyRune - Literal trash, get a new avi. You look like you got your wardrobe at a CVS. As kaylee21 says, Curly is dumb

20- Scodawg79 - a lil piece of shit who flips on me like im a krabby patty. Mini nemesis

30- Shawnlolpop123 - the memory of Fire Survivor burns into my skull, not even a fire extinguisher can put it out

40- Rubes - everytime I look down in the shower and I see one stray pube I think of you, You need to get plucked 

50- NotNicky333 we've gone like I think over 14 days without him telling me to kill myself so this is an improvement <3

60- purplebb4 she won't stop destroying my wife honeybunch. It's horrendous!                                   
     20: Honey (honeybunch1) [Lost to Christian in "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse"] #BadAsses
     14: Honey (honeybunch1) [Lost to Bekir in "Pole Wrestle"]

70- Sarah48 queen of frookies, more like queen of CROOKies

80- Curlyrune FLOP 2nd: Curly (CurlyRune) [Dragonera/Majorca/Majorca/Pollos Locos] (3 votes to win)


i can't wait to be tagged <3
Sent by Rubes,Dec 31, 2020
Sent by Yawnha,Dec 31, 2020
20- Scodawg79 - a lil piece of shit who is my mini nemesis
Sent by Rubes,Dec 31, 2020
Sent by Midiaw,Dec 31, 2020
I guess your life sucks so bad, you and rubes have to mention me. I even forgot who you guys were.
Sent by Scodawg79,Dec 31, 2020
ouch scodawg79 ilu <3
Sent by gethann,Dec 31, 2020

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