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Happy Valentines Today Honey Feb 14, 2023
They call me a poet
because for honeybunch1 , I know it
The love I have for her
As she caresses me
In her silver fur
My heart is the light in the Black Sea

Our story started in frookies
My honeybunch, my box of cookies
I said hi to her day one
She smiled, and I knew I had won
Our power grows stronger
And yet, I yearn for her longer

She brings out her whip
Crack, Crack, Crack
Our enemies, they don't know our relationship
Cuz in the pitch black
I have her back
No one can counter-attack

The power of love
One so deep, we shine above
You are my light
Our power, our might
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Who is Feb 9, 2023
gagaluv and why are they going on a tasteless rampage?

I need answers
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B&K Survivor Apps are Still Open Nov 8, 2022
If you guys want to play a super fun game with excellent hosts, fun challenges and make a bunch of new friends on tg (not even just in the game but in the vl) apply for B&K! A lot of the challenges are semi- non-lives so you don't have to adjust your schedule too much.

The apps are still open so get it in today!
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Why do people Nov 6, 2022
Blog about their personal problems like it's gonna solve world hunger... and can't even use the correct your and you're 馃ぁ
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Check it out May 3, 2022
Scotty Survivor Episode 5 tonight, 8pm

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Scotty Survivor Episode 4 Apr 27, 2022
IS OUT, take a glance. you won't regret it.

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