Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I just hope everyone takes away

1stOct 1, 2020 by deshonBANNEDISBACK
the main message in that Big Brother is a show that reflects society within America. Whether you like it or not, the pattern stands: A white majority alliance consisting of privileged white people who subconsciously target and isolate the POC. It’s a testament to racial bias and how it impacts society negatively. It’s disgusting to watch, but its RIGHT IN YOUR FACE PEOPLE.
#BB22 It’s time for a change. Period.


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What's worse is that this alliance was created MONTHS before the game even started and none of them even thought to include any POC or LGBTQ+ people...
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I am asking this genuinely:

Say the alliance included people such as Bayleigh,Day,David, and Kevin. One of them becomes a target. Is racial bias still in play?
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you clocked
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homocuspocus that wasn’t the case... that’s the point of this blog
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Wish this season was the change but thats not happening
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can't argue with this
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can't argue with this
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This season was... a garbage wreck, and I didnt even start it. Its very predictable at this point.

The show should have been canceled 5 years ago.
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But also by that thinking the white people not in the majority have it the worst because they were evicted 1,2 and third. Which I would say isn’t a true reflection of society.
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