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People really joining

1 rory17, Aug 10, 2020

the DaniD hate club now? Welcome! I've been here since BB8! #bb22



2 subfriend, Aug 10, 2020

Memphis proposed alliance with Cody, Tyler, Dani, Nic F & Christmas
Racist much...?


Link to watch BB please?

1 Harley, Aug 10, 2020

I'm in Europe 😃


I hate that Nicole Anthony cunt

4 JoanieS, Aug 10, 2020

fuck her for turning on Kemi to be friends with the racist people from bb21 instead. I hope that bitch gets hit by a bus #bb22


Anyway I always

2 winner132, Aug 10, 2020

teetered with the idea of doing witchcraft but could never muster up the courage to actually start practicing it.
I think this season of Big Brother might just be the encouragement I needed to start doing witchcraft and ensuring Keesha, Kaysar, and Janelle do well.


Cody is the worst

3 legend_of_link, Aug 10, 2020

I cant stand his Covid Denial BS everyday on the feeds.


Nicole F in 2014 - Now

1 yummy, Aug 10, 2020

So bloody different. She’s such a fucking insecure ass hater. So self righteous and thinks everything’s about her. After Paul in BB19 I was thinking she def deserved to win but now I’m just thinking that was the most rotten final 2 ever. I hope we get a Neda & Ika situation and the rug is swept underneath her feet at a double eviction.


BB22 Rankings #2

4 hellocat, Aug 10, 2020

1. Da'Vonne (+0)
2. Kaysar (+2)
3. Janelle (+0)
4. Bayleigh (-2)
5. Nicole A (+0)
6. Ian (+1)
7. Keesha (-1)
8. Kevin (+1)
9. Christmas (+4)
10. Memphis (-2)
11. Enzo (-1)
12. David (-1)
13. Tyler (+1)
14. Cody (+1)
15. Dani (-3)
16. Nicole F (+0)


So Nicole F

1 Tammy2144, Aug 10, 2020


Keesha can go

3 Harry1210, Aug 10, 2020

She’s made no effort to stay at all and made no effort talking to Cody to get off the block #bb22


Keesha is a legend.

6 WannaBeeFriends, Aug 10, 2020

I just wish she’d start campaigning. Janelle and Kaysar can only do so much. I want them three to go far :(
Kevin clearly has no clue what the hell is going on in the game so I hope by some miracle he’s OUT FIRST!!
Big Brother is a shit show tho so I’m sure Keesha will go. Such a shame people like David will outlast an icon like Keesha :(
He literally didn’t even know what a veto did.
I’m shooketh at him being in the house. Sigh.


Changing the Have Nots format

1 legend_of_link, Aug 10, 2020

I think Have-Nots as a concept is kind of outdated. Over the years the “Have-Nots” status has been less relevant to the game.(looking at you Watermelon Head) The show doesn't even do a Have-Not challenge anymore so if Big Brother is going to keep it moving forward. The way Have-Nots should change as well. To me the best idea is have the Have nots do a BBUK styled Shopping Budget along with sleeping in the Have-not Room. So that the Have-Nots could for the most part have another option to eat something other then slop. Seeing Ian and Nicole A sick all week from eating Slop has been heartbreaking.   


Rip BBViewer

1 legend_of_link, Aug 10, 2020

Man I miss the old BBViewer the feeds on the website are always so laggy. The new version is fine but just isn't that same as a stand alone application. [Name Redacted] feeds that are free work so much better and im low key mad. 


kevin you're dumb...

1 Bogmire, Aug 10, 2020

why tf would you put up Kaysar and Janelle if you win HoH?? You're not even in the other alliance. Janelle and Kaysar aren't even coming after you.
AND ALSO why would you tell Nicole A. you're going after them? Nicole A. is close to them. You have it all wrong dude.
...You can get 16th now.


beigh beigh twenty two cast rank

1 Chic, Aug 9, 2020

After viewing episode 2
16. Tyler
15. Memphis
14. Nicole F
^ Only ones I dislike
13. Kevin - bit of a whiney maggot this ep
12. Christmas
11. Keesha
^ Haven't seen much of them yet
10. Enzo
^ Enjoying the Jersey boys
8. Nicole A
7. Bayleigh
6. David
^ I didn't watch their original seasons but liking them so far
5. Ian - very sweet boy
4. Daniele - iconic queen
3. Da'Vonne - funny and great thinker
2. Kaysar - Daddy and king of knowing his place
1. Janelle - Just amazing I can't not put her 1st


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