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BB22 EP 1 Rankings vote Aug 5, 2020
1. Da’Vonne
2. Daniele
3. Keesha
4. Bayleigh
5. Janelle
6. Ian
7. Nicole A.
8. Kaysar
9. Kevin
10. Cody
11. Tyler
12. Enzo
13. Memphis
14. Nicole F.
15. David
16. Christmas
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Paige54 Jul 10, 2020
90% of the time i’m beating your ass but you really are my bff
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stan pop princess Jul 10, 2020
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Matthew09 Jun 19, 2020
You are the biggest current joke on this website. You have the mental capacity of a 4 year old. I think its baffling how you are a complete bystander to racism by continuously enabling and dismissing racist behavior on the site. You also love to support racism on reality tv and then preface your beliefs by saying “I don’t care about their personal lives, I watch for the drama”

Above all, you told me that I am sensitive about BLM? I am sorry I am a BLACK MAN living in a country rooted in systematic racism. Sorry that my life is sensitive to me? You’re a complete fucking joke, and your privilege is evident and pathetic to witness. Grow the fuck up and take accountability of how your words/views effect others. Matthew09
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the gays May 22, 2020
saying that rain on me is "generic and boring" are gonna be the same ones popping their bussys to this song when the clubs open back up. give it a rest.

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RAIN ON ME May 22, 2020
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