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18thApr 27, 2019 by deshonBANNEDISBACK
First and foremost, I want to preface this blog by addressing everyone in the game who has said or even felt that I have not played this game. You are completely bitter and spitting out bullshit. Everyone has an opinion, and thats fine. We can agree to disagree that you didn't understand my gameplay but to say that I haven'y played at all is quite annoying.

Coming into this game for 1 an almost 2 year break with hardly no support, I knew I had to play this game differently or I would get double-digits. I knew that I had to lay low and focus on individual relationships.

Within the beginning of the game, I was involved in two chats. One consisting of Adam and Oli, while the other chat consisted of Chris, Houston, Wes. I knew that these two alliances would definitely propel myself in the game. I also knew that being aligned with Adam who was very close with Ryan, would also be useful in my favor. I also made sure I was good with the Bryce/Jojo duo. So at this point, my name was never countered for halfway through the game, because no-one had a reason to.

Throughtout the game, there was drama, lying, backstabbing, flip-flopping and betrayl, and none of that included me. Because I knew, by doing all that shit, it would just land me as a counter. I managed to never get my name countered but ONCE. I knew by aligning with such head strong people that I would be the one to never get targeted, had I fallen in the minority.

For the ones saying I never talked to majority of the cast, THAT IS A LIE. I never relied on anyone or any support. There has literally been times where Birks has gone DC's without talking to people, because he was so comfortable in his stars support.

In reality, I didn't just get to finals by coming online, locking in, and logging out. That is complete bullshit and all the proof is in your Pms. All in all, I definitely played a lowkey game and was not out there in a bold sense, but it was my gameplay and I am owning it.

I don't care if I dont win or even get 3rd. But I can say I made finals. This site is not that important to me, so toodles x

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Being someone who has played the game with you and someone who shares your type of gameplay, you're a really fucking good player and whoever can't see that is just delusional
Sent by maturo,Apr 27, 2019
you deserve this so bad omfg
Sent by iiGalaxyii,Apr 27, 2019
There has literally been times where Birks has gone DC's without talking to people, because he was so comfortable in his stars support.

The number of lies in one sentence. Get real.
Sent by Birks4444,Apr 27, 2019
Sent by IceBeast,Apr 28, 2019
Hmmm I wonder why no one wants to tag me....

Also I have privately told you I’m not bitter, so stop acting like I am with your statements please Deshon x
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Apr 28, 2019

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