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16thDec 23, 2017 by christossss
This game has been so messy but I played the shit out of it. Despite having 2 people associated with me from day 1, I was able to escape the block till 9th. Despite being considered a Rocker917 sheep, my game the first half of the game was making moves that would benefit me (splitting and even voting in minority rip violets ) However, with a cast so determined to go unnommed that they made blatantly bad moves there is so much one can do....
Thank you for letting me play tengaged. This is the first time I have survived a poll in 2 years and it was refreshing haha.

15th spartagow this kid is a fucking mess. He was so far up Kris’s ass he saw parts of him not even his gf has seen. Leaked every single chat and was overall just not fun to be around.

14th jameslu although i love you out of the game you literally did nothing (you didnt even add me or 10 more people on skype) and then made speeches about trying your hardest... did you really?

13th obscurity lol you’re cool but who plays stars without skype

12th spinner554 wasnt online

11th lionsden121 you’re okay and you made it far but you literally accepted all the heat for it and was just terrible overall with covering up the shit you created.

10th OATTY3 love you outside the game but you were an asshole, being fake till dc and then when i said “fuck you” you started the victim card and said it was uncalled for and you didn’t deserve it. Bye bruh

9th yoshicoolman loves youuuu but damn were you messy... you called 3 people when a counter and volunteered them to be a set ? I was very confused and overall hope you played a better game but you’re still cool

8th willie_ you fucking sucked BRUH lmfaoooo but at least you weren’t a peasant so who is real loser

7th krisstory you’re only up here cause you actually played a good game and I can’t be mad about that. But needlessly fake and very messy at times. Only reason you didn’t go up earlier is cause sparta was up your ass and that meant a lost vote on our side

6th Ribbons actually fucking hilarious. I wish i could have been loyal to you but people were spreading shit about you and I guess it got to me.

5th violets icon icon icon

4th irelia not #1 cause you were lowkey psycho at times but we love you for it LOL and it was all to take out billt so i cant blame ya

3rd rocker917 you protected the shit out of me but was also my demise. King of making moves and drama. They may hate you but they can’t be you cause you’re a fucking legend hahah. Dont be so crazy tho bruh

2nd mrbird honestly icon of mexican heritage

1st benp428 robbed best game king.


Actually Rocker lied to the alliance about me LMAO but gg's
Sent by yoshicoolman,Dec 23, 2017
Sent by Harley,Dec 23, 2017
Sent by Tyler93,Dec 23, 2017
Awww ly christos
Sent by benp428,Dec 23, 2017
Wow I made it to NUMBER TWO
Sent by MrBird,Dec 23, 2017
Was I seriously that bad
Sent by spartagow,Dec 23, 2017
No spartagow
Sent by KrisStory,Dec 23, 2017
The fact that MrBird wasn’t number one had my jaw on the floor
Sent by Rocker917,Dec 23, 2017
Sent by obscurity,Dec 23, 2017
Everyone on this site knows I’m not an asshole. The reason you were nommed was not because of me but because your number one ally billy turned on me and talked behind my back the whole game. I wasn’t fake to you lol
Sent by OATTY3,Dec 24, 2017

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