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Christos's Hall of Fame

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Hey homies Dec 17, 2018
any good shows to watch? i just got the time to finish up with westward s2 :P
Points: 0 2 comments
♥Melindamrskk♥ Mar 24, 2018
Points: 12 11 comments
♥Hash♥ Mar 23, 2018
and i'll tell you if you have sent nudes (A), sent nudes to underage tengayers(B), or are a god sent purity child (C)

Jayglezst it took me 3 seconds to reach your second most recent blog and figure out you are a slut so a definite A

Nightcore your blog profile pic is a shirtless pic of you. If you weren't underage you'd probably be a B ;P

redfabfoxy your pyn seems suspiciously distracting in the flood of exposés so i'll go with B ;P

melindaMrskk you're a known flirt and slut but I think you're truthfully an undercover cop so C

GoodKaren everyone knows you're a fan of pussies so A 100%

_Finesse C and before you ask "Animal crossing drag race" really bruh ?

Stary you seem to be doing great in games, which seems awfully suspicious so its either C because you make multis all day or A ;)

Evaa1996 nobody get BengalBoy approved without showing some skin. A.

Danny12 your ex boyfriend scarred you for life so you've found spirituality and went from B to C. People call you Jesus's 20th miracle.

NotAfraid stop trying to throw me off my game. you're an obvious C

KatherinePierce B. you and pure essence had a weird sexual tension. I see you.

Maxi1234 you might claim that you don't send nudes but I know that you've done it for some exclusive jemma ombre brownblonde weave you lil weasel. A.

Darbe if you're anything but a C it would crush my heart. you are too pure and kind to engage in such activities

bigbrotherdonny Donny always gave me redo vibes they way he was with paola and all that. B gross

Crayadian you seem like the type of person to send hate nudes. A

mamabel your blogs seem provocative and your lack of hate blogs towards the disgraced tengayers is deafening. B

BluJay112 i would never let my own blood be a slut. plus I'm the better endowed twin so you'd be too embarrassed. C

me2013 i almost said C because you are so nice and pure but then I remembered thats exactly what a sneaky hoe would want me to believe... B smh

Question my most confident C in this blog honestly

iTy990 lets be honest. between you making rap songs and being high, you could never find time for nudes. C
Points: 79 28 comments
♥Forest_Knight♥ Mar 23, 2018
+ for Pornhub
- for
Points: 775 10 comments
♥Zuelke♥ Mar 4, 2018
image zuelke ICON
Points: 88 4 comments
♥harrywasnak♥ Feb 3, 2018
For those who don't know me here are some fun facts about me:

- I'm 20 years old studying Econ.
- Light brown hair and about 6' tall.
- A big rosemulet fan, i've heard Hopelessly 249518 times since it was released :) (if you see this i love you rose)
- Used to be called the Devil by McBenjamin and the co-leader of the tengaged illuminati along with oliviaxoxo
- Proud owner of 41 designs and almost 13 full pages of tengaged friends ... you could say I'm *cough* popoular *cough*
- In an incest three way relationship with my brother irl pens87 and tengaged hottie and nude provider saraj10

and last but not least...
soon to be there cover page of titoburitto 's tuesday tea :$ i am so excited about that

feel free to pm me or Skype me at chris.tengaged . it's stars season so i will be super fake and most likely be nice and maybe even flirt with you.

Thank you :)
#support4support #save4save #instasave #instastars
Points: 52 5 comments