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I find it a bit funnyvote Dec 6, 2021
that Calebdaboss 's pic or whoever else posted a shirtless pic recently caused SUCH a controversy.
Like im sure you dirty little fuckers have seen worse things.
Let people express themselves how the seem fit if they feel they look good (in a PG manner).
Points: 96 3 comments
Omg should i plan a tg secret santa? Dec 3, 2021
Points: 149 14 comments
You are all so sensitive Dec 2, 2021
You murder one entire family (allegedly)
And all of a sudden you’re a horrible person..
Points: 391 12 comments
❤️Mrkk❤️ Nov 24, 2021
Points: 119 12 comments
❤️Becksta20❤️ Nov 18, 2021
Points: 101 12 comments
❤️Arris❤️ Nov 18, 2021
Points: 164 6 comments