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Stars F3 Blog

2ndJun 10, 2017 by capguy1
I made Stars Finals unnommed for the first time and the past stars I was unnommed til 4th then got evicted so I had to really strategize in a different way for my game and I didn't want to make a mistake and get 4th again.

I came in this game looking at the cast and I'm thinking uh oh I don't think I'll make it because of past games or people I don't know or something like that.  I made small talk with people on skype and I made good talk with Robinhood so we decided to align and I got in touch with Renny cuz of our survivor and we made a f3 alliance called The Triple Effect.

We were going along the game but if I "hear" (roll my eyes) something that would target robin or renny, I let them know so they're on alert. While I had this f3 I had classic and cole who wanted to work with me so I voted with them . When renny went up because of the split, I was hoping he'd stay cuz of our f3. Because Tigger split for spice before he left, I thought of doing the same so Christian went up instead of arris to oattty. (Sorry Christian, we never talked then and I talked to arris). I also helped classic avoid the block at once and he was thankful. Then it came down to f8 and Evan and I had this drama with each other cuz I called him out on shit and he removed me from stars skype chat 3 times lol. Then robin went up because of algo split and was hoping he'd stay but he didn't. Even though I helped caz earlier I nommed caz and cole nommed renny when cole was supposed to nom caz, Caz found out I nommed him and heard cole was with caz so I had to nom them.

I knew I'm a goner at this point cuz I nommed caz and thinking I'm next. I still have renny but I needed a 3rd person in place of Robin and so I finally talked to Christian and we 3 agreed on nomming arris and caz. I even asked renny to pretend we weren't close with each other so he'd go along with arris to nom me but we got them up. Then I knew I'm going 4th. Then the light emerged from the clouds and caz said he's not nomming me in public and wanted renny and chris up. Arris came up to me making a final deal that if I don't nom him he won't nom me. I told him it's ok to nom me but he said no if I don't nom him. I said deal! That's the hard part here cuz renny was my f2 but arris and caz wanted renny and chris up and I thought arris was staying so I kinda lied to renny and chris that I switched to caz cuz he stayed. That's how I made it unnommed.

Yes I was flipping, splitting, lying, but it's the part of the game but I try to be loyal the best I can with people close to me.

Bottom line is it doesn't make a difference how I made to finals. The point is I've arrived.

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Gl Caz and Christian





Omg you did it! Grats!
Sent by Badboyy2699,Jun 10, 2017
Gl man
Sent by eric_136,Jun 10, 2017
Voted for you, good luck!
Sent by Emotion,Jun 10, 2017
slay them cap!
Sent by Renny10,Jun 10, 2017
Sent by Cromatique,Jun 10, 2017
Sent by scooby0000,Jun 10, 2017
Voting you! It's your time to shine
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jun 10, 2017
congrats and good luck! have my vote x
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jun 10, 2017
Love you Keith
Sent by wwemrpeeps,Jun 10, 2017
Best of luck!
Sent by Quantative,Jun 10, 2017
Voted you :)
Sent by ytrewq111,Jun 10, 2017
Yes queen, you better win <3
Sent by Foxtrot,Jun 10, 2017
Sent by etaco75,Jun 10, 2017
grats for being the last unnommed
Sent by Styxxe,Jun 11, 2017
This is game set match if I ever saw it
THANK GOD multis are just about gone
Sent by SurvivoroftheTocans,Jun 11, 2017

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