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Are they multis? Jan 11, 2020
They’re both in stars
Points: 10 29 comments
Stars Jan 11, 2020
Still not a real game?? Still full of cheaters?
Points: 14 2 comments
Sponsor me?? Dec 28, 2019
In hg??
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Save me in stars Oct 8, 2019
Decisions is spamming so I’m counter spamming . Thanks whoever saved me or will do
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Anyone play fan duel?? Sep 9, 2019
I saw it advertised on Facebook and it showed you can pick favs for survivor

Wonder if it’s good ??
Points: 28 2 comments
I’m watching The Challenge for the first time Sep 1, 2019
It’s good so far.  Pluto app has a Challenge channel 24/7 . I’m watching the Free Agents
Points: 30 5 comments