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  1. Is raffle working on frat?
  2. Who plays HQ??
  3. I am watching BB8 for first time
  4. Stars??
  5. New Game: Friend or Foe
  6. Serious news
  7. This is how you get multis
  8. Jozea is sitting at same bar as i am
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  10. Nommed for 16th
  11. happy death day
  12. Should the axe
  13. Haven’t been on 2 days
  14. Is the death list out of order??
  15. Please plus my stars blog
  16. Nommed for 11th
  17. Stars??
  18. Here's the screenshot
  19. Sponsor me?
  20. I don't get it
  21. Idea for hidden immunity idol
  22. Wait... my last hg players joined next game
  23. What happened here?
  24. Plus this idea Blog . It's about red noses
  25. New idea for red noses
  26. Oh now I have to wait 3 games
  27. Who's Alex?
  28. Josh and Cody needs....
  29. Shook
  30. Idea for Types of Stars
  31. Stars F3 Blog
  32. Ok guys who mock me
  33. Halloween's stars assessment
  34. Real convo between me and arris
  35. Fake friends
  36. Question about last nights survivor
  37. Jason from Bb
  38. Hidden immunity idol idea and rocks
  39. Idea for banned players
  40. If you want to have f2 with Avalon

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Is raffle working on frat? Jun 8, 2018
Is leasirk still winner?
Points: 31 2 comments
Who plays HQ?? Jun 8, 2018
It’s trivia with 12 questions and you win $$$

Code: cappieguy

It starts at 6pm pst
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I am watching BB8 for first time May 16, 2018
Wtf at Jen??? Get over yourself! You look fine in your pic
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Stars?? Apr 21, 2018
Or nah??

Are multis still around??
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New Game: Friend or Foe Apr 12, 2018
Cast: 13 people

We all play challenge each day. Whoever wins gets to choose a player to play friend or foe with that player. Each player clicks friend or foe under their avi

Winning player:                      Chosen player:

friend                                     Friend.                           They both stay
Foe.                                        Friend.                          Winning player stays . Chosen evicted
Friend.                                   Foe.                               Chosen player stays.  Winning evicted
Foe.                                       Foe.                                They both get evicted

Payouts should be high like 200 Ts as it’s tempting to try to win all unless final 2 picks friend and they split Ts

You find out who stays or not at DC


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Serious news Mar 9, 2018
I was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called multiple myeloma. It’s in early stages so it’s treatable but haven’t started a treatment plan yet as they are looking into more detail of how much i have

Please check with your doctor about it. I was in ER for a totally unrelated injury and the X-rays caught lesions near my hip.

Wish me luck!
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