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  1. sharingan eyes
  2. i want a crown
  3. i hate this
  4. i think its the pills
  5. k now i want a crown all my friends have one :(
  6. i posted em again get em while you can plusss..
  7. i miss
  8. hey xD
  9. skype
  10. pleaseee
  11. i need new eyes or mouth
  12. okay okay
  13. why open up at all
  14. youuu
  15. sick of getting treated like trash
  16. how the hell
  17. welp i mightve made a big mistake
  18. i dont share anything with nobody
  19. you ever just lay there
  20. Guess whose Gorgeous,
  21. i really need new eyes tho
  22. *dances*
  23. nudges on the stoner eyes
  24. xDDDDD
  25. them stoner eyes look real tight
  26. Me on a shirt xD
  27. my little brother just came downstairs
  28. whatevaa xD
  29. i am zeus!
  30. Weekly plans
  31. ive never actually liked someone on this site
  33. accents make me melt tbh
  34. anyone on here play xbox?
  35. what happened to this being a fun
  36. i slept great
  37. sponser me?
  38. :) Cuz i'm happy
  39. woooow
  40. Douchebag inconsiderate blogs

so this was my health update from a couple montns ago

1stMar 15, 2019 by bryce
so some of you may know whats going on but i decided ill let everyone know now that ive handled the news a little bit. i got diagnosed neurofibromitosis type 2. it is an uncurable disease i grow tumors along my nervous system. they monitor any new tumors and do accordingly for the rest of my life.. they got a big one that they think started when i was 15. brain stem to lower lumbar inside of my spine. 12 hour surgery. and im now doing rehab but its not looking good. i cant walk barely standing and not for too long. i  a wheelchair and my motor skills  are pretty messed up. and we just wait for the next tumors to grow. im taking this pretty hard because theres alot in life i still wanted to do but for now im taking it one day at a time. i have 2 behind my left ear and im going to lose my hearing eventually. in a year we will know what is permanant. thankyou everyone that has been here supporting me through this. im going to continue to write music while i still can and hopefully i can get back to 80% of what i was but ill never be 100% me again. thankyou guys for listening i needed to wite about it cuz im pretty scared. have a great day everyone and dont take anything for granted anything can change in the blink of an eye

its gotten alot better but i fucked up my knee like 4 weeks agogot a nuclear x ray done today to check. still cant walk or move that much, its been tough


sending you positive vibes 💕 always stay strong
i also like what you said about never taking anything for granted bc anything could change :L
Sent by Saftronbtr999,Mar 15, 2019
I'm really sorry you have to go through this. Stay strong and try remain positive, there is still a lot of things you can see and do. Just try live life to the full.
Sent by damo1990,Mar 15, 2019
:( omg I’m so sorry I’m hoping you will get to do the things you wanted to do
Sent by Thumper91,Mar 15, 2019
Goodluck man ❤️
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Mar 15, 2019
damn ur in my prayers bryace
Sent by deepblueeyes,Mar 15, 2019
Sent by TMAN54445,Mar 15, 2019
Sending unconditional love and keeping you in my prayers ❤️
Sent by Bambino,Mar 15, 2019
Praying for you 🙏🙏🙏
Sent by boicam77,Mar 15, 2019
My best friend has the same! She’s currently got 2 tumors, lots of problems, wheelchair bound now because of where the tumors are!

Sending all my love your way my friend <3333
Sent by jason_2_12,Mar 15, 2019
heal up x
Sent by Chesnut,Mar 15, 2019
praying for you from Brazil, stay strong, guy ♥
Sent by fabianoo,Mar 15, 2019
This was so hard to read. I am very sorry. I hope things turn up for you. <3
Sent by andalarew_2231,Mar 15, 2019
i remember u from the older days of tg, u were always a sweetheart. I hope things turn out great for u. Stay strong ♥
Sent by peace123,Mar 15, 2019
so sorry you have to go through that, i hope everything turns out the best it possibly can
Sent by jacksonjoseph99,Mar 15, 2019
You’re in my thoughts ❤️ Wishing nothing but the best for you
Sent by Fetish,Mar 15, 2019
GL hope it all turns out good <3
Sent by J2999,Mar 15, 2019
Sorry to hear this :(
Sent by Cromatique,Mar 16, 2019
do track with me <3 or lets go run around the track <3
Sent by AngeIa,Mar 16, 2019
This makes me really sad :(
You got this 💕
Sent by EyooMarcus,Mar 16, 2019
I really hope you get better with gods blessing you will be perfect in his hands
Sent by AngeIa,Mar 16, 2019

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