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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Jan 22, 2012 by brittyxx
imageWell, spamming is working a little bit, but I'm asking nicely ...and if you plus and  comment my designs below,I WILL MAKE YOU A SIGN WITH ANYTHING YOU WANT IT TO SAY AS A BIG OLE THANK YOU!!! Post it on the design page or mail me.

Short Curly Brown Hair -

Pug Costume -


Hey if you want that picture without a black background, printscreen your design on the program onto paint and crop it out and save it thats how i do it :3
Sent by Swifty,Jan 22, 2012
yeah i was gonna but i was too lazy lmao...thanks tho swifty
Sent by brittyxx,Jan 22, 2012
plussed them both
Sent by ElleBellx13,Jan 22, 2012
thx ellebellx13!
Sent by brittyxx,Jan 22, 2012
Awe Plus
Sent by Caliboy,Jan 22, 2012

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