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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


10thJan 20, 2012 by brittyxx
imageI will be doing a vlog.

If you want a shout-out, questions answered or me to do something stupid comment below!

You have until January 24th on Tuesday!!!!


shoutout plz
and spell my name while burping
Sent by karim,Jan 20, 2012
I want a special one with u blowing a kiss while saying my name at the same time kty=]
Sent by GurlBai,Jan 20, 2012
rememebr me?
Sent by Unit8890,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by egaga911,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by nasmay1,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by Mckeown1990,Jan 20, 2012
what do you think of me :)
Sent by Maplestory,Jan 20, 2012
MapleStory: A fucking whore.

Britty i love u!
Sent by BenjaminB,Jan 20, 2012
what u think of me
Sent by MontyBurns,Jan 20, 2012
I can't burp on command, Karim =[ sorry
Sent by brittyxx,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by chad123,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by Meowcat,Jan 20, 2012
whats your skype do you remember when we played togetheR?
Sent by sirbeastly,Jan 20, 2012
i need help how do you spell ihop
Sent by bad18life,Jan 20, 2012
spread it around guys i want a top blog and lots of questions, shoutouts and fun stuff!!!
Sent by brittyxx,Jan 20, 2012
Am I Awesomely Amazing or Amazingly Awesome?
Do you love me?
Do you know that I love you?
Did you know that you are a person I trust A LOT?
Sent by bands5656,Jan 20, 2012
Shoutout and
How much do you fuckin love me?
Sent by NickiMinaj,Jan 20, 2012

q1. discuss ur most fav game on this site.
q2. what new game would u introduce on this site
Sent by pikasadge,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by Natepresnell,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by ryanlovescookies,Jan 20, 2012
me what nate? shoutout?
Sent by brittyxx,Jan 20, 2012
Sent by crush,Jan 20, 2012
Hi.....Shoutout pls :X
Sent by JoyfulJ,Jan 20, 2012

question 1. why do people take tengaged so seriously?
question 2. would you rather have someone honest and hurtful or fake kind?
Sent by Tanarexix,Jan 21, 2012
Sent by SilverLizard,Jan 21, 2012
Enemy Gyrados uses Hyper Beam! MUAHAHAHA, you're screwed!
Sent by rdesch1,Jan 21, 2012
Shout out, and what your opinion of me is
Sent by dannyjr0587,Jan 21, 2012
what's your most memorable moment on tengaged ?
Sent by Ireks,Jan 21, 2012
BRITTY! remember me?

shout out please
Sent by rdude_1,Jan 21, 2012
shoutout please!
Sent by tommarkoliver,Jan 21, 2012
shoutout please
Sent by bluesapphire,Jan 21, 2012
please give a shoutout to my cat Dilze
Sent by joeyjones,Jan 21, 2012
Opinion? :O
Sent by _Aria,Jan 21, 2012
shoutout! < 333
Sent by JUM40BUM40,Jan 21, 2012
Sent by cjfast11,Jan 21, 2012
Sent by michael222,Jan 21, 2012
Sent by Woodzy16,Jan 21, 2012
whats your opinion of me? :O
Sent by amf7410,Jan 22, 2012
Shoutout please? :)
And do you still remember me? :s
Sent by PizPaz,Jan 22, 2012
and BOOBIES! lol
Sent by talldude_1031,Jan 22, 2012

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