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In other Britty news....

Dec 29, 2011 by brittyxx
imageMy boobies may soon be SMALLER! Yep! I may be getting a breast reduction. My doctors finally agree with me and think it may help my back pain. My insurance sucks balls though so they may give me a hard time.

But I am EXCITED! Bra shopping will be SO much easier. and I won't have to suffocate them to death when I want to go for a run...lmao. As you can see below in my sign for zedd ... my momma sure did bless me...but a bit too much! Hopefully its BYE BYE BOOBIES!


you just offended breast cancer victims everywhere with this
Sent by lemonsalsa,Dec 29, 2011
Sent by SSDZ,Dec 29, 2011
*rolls eyes* totally offensive..
Sent by brittyxx,Dec 29, 2011
lol hi britty
Sent by turney1805,Dec 29, 2011

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