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I don't get Cydney's end game plan.

Apr 28, 2016 by blazermaniac94
Cydney's has played a solid game to this point.  The only person to play a better game has been Aubry IMO.  So, it should be in Cydney's best interest to get out Aubry, but I don't see how she will be able to do it. Just by looking at votes Joe isn't flipping, I highly doubt Tai would flip again so at best that leaves it in a 3-3 tie and it will only get worse if Jason of Michelle go home.  Cydney's should have flipped last tribal. if she wanted a resume that would beat Audry's.  At this point I don't see a way Cydney can win. #survivor


michele is winning.
Sent by s73100,Apr 28, 2016
Sent by Freakazoid,Apr 28, 2016
yeah voting out Julia was a mistake
Sent by sahmosean,Apr 28, 2016
I thought about this for a long time after Wednesday's episode blazermaniac94. Looking at both sides, I feel like I figured out Cydney's logic because I don't think she's that stupid with Aubry.

My gut is telling me she wants to take Jason and Michelle to the end. Flipping last tribal would have been a problem for her because Julia would take the spot she desired since Jason was closer to her than Cydney and Michelle was BFFs with Julia. So really, Cydney would be playing for fourth on that side.

Cydney very clearly wants to take out Tai soon but is waiting for the right moment. I think next episode she's going to realize just how close him and Aubry are so it will be a pivotal vote for her that can decide if she still has a chance to win this game. I think Cydney is relying on working her magic with Aubry as her closest ally and convincing her to dump Tai next tribal council.

Meanwhile, I actually think it would benefit Aubry to keep Tai around as a shield for her and also, I think she can beat him in a F3. The question is going to be can Cydney convince Aubry (and this is possible) that voting out Tai is the best move for both of them?

If Cydney succeeds, she now has an option on the other side with Michelle and Jason to take out Aubry. If she fails, Cydney is probably playing a losing game and the winner will be Aubry or Tai most likely.
Sent by yankeeman311,Apr 30, 2016

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