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Big Brother and Survivor online game.

Hello, my name is yankeeman311

Love playing in survivor group games and my favorite reality shows are survivor amazing race and big brother.

i also love the yankees, nj devils plus football. im addicted to going to sports games and i saw derek jeter's 3000th hit at yankee stadium

group games ive played in:

GABCO's Survivor: Palau- 1st place =)
GAIAPHAGE's Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites- 10th place (terrible -___________________-)
SUITMAN's Survivor: Pearl Islands- 3rd place
PHILLYDAVE's Survivor: Palau- 4th place
BENLINUS' Survivor: Myanmar- 1st place =)
SUITMAN's Survivor: All Stars- 10th place (made a fatal mental error)
AIW's The Ultimate Format- 5th place
BENLINUS' Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains- 4th place
SPINNER's Survivor: Palau- 6th place
SUITMAN's Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites- 6th place
BENLINUS' Survivor: Pearl Islands- 8th place
BINGO's Survivor: Hosts vs. The Toast- 8th place
CUBSGUY's Survivor: Guatemala- 1st place =)
CMACK's Survivor: Idol Island- 7th place (got voted out with my idol in my pocket)
BENLINUS' Survivor: All Stars- 3rd place
SUITMAN's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains- 20th place (went after a powerful guy too early. 1st time i didnt make top 10)
CUBSGUY's Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains- 2nd place (jury was so fucking bitter)

My Games 96 games played

30 Apr, 16
18 Sep, 11
26 Jul, 11
25 Jul, 11
22 Jul, 11
20 Jul, 11
20 Jul, 11

My Blog Check my blog!

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